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The #1 Game Changer In Relationships

There is something that happens so naturally and instinctive to all of us in relationships…

Emotion is consistently the most misunderstood part of ourself and other people. So much to the point that in ancient Buddhist teachings it states that the cause of all of our problems…is because we suppress our negative feelings. Ignoring our true feelings. Pushing them away and sweeping them under the rug as if we never felt them in the first place.

This is true of all emotions…both positive and negative.

Every emotion we experience is a messenger with a message…yet most of us have the tendency to quite literally ignore these feelings and the messages they bring.

So when we ignore emotions…what happens?

We ignore internal truth tailored specifically for us.

And if we continue to ignore it our self worth takes a hit and overtime we begin to feel lost.

This deeply affects our relationships…because if we ignore our emotions long enough not only do we begin to lose ourself…but we also begin to overtime become emotionally numb. We start not to feel as much as we used too. And when it comes to relationships...

What is a relationship without an emotional connection?

Well there really is not much of a relationship. So much of the time we focus on the other person in the relationship and we want them to fix them. One of the best things we can do is ask ourselves…how can I all myself to feel my emotions and begin to learn what they are trying to tell me?…Then we begin to feel like our true selves…and develop deeper emotional stronger connections in relationships.

We are going to be talking more in depth about this topic…But please pose any questions or comments. We are excited to get the blog rolling and to interact with amazing people.

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